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EXPO 2000 Police - Orchestra

Plaza - 2. Oktober 2000

An orchestra of the police with a large choir performed on the Plaza! It was on Oktober, 2nd 2000, the day of the police. Even at the east entrance we were welcomed with music and believed to find orchestras of the police all over the Expo grounds.

But the concert on the Plaza remained the only one. I only took pictures of the rehearsal though, because I didn't want to disturb the ceremonial atmosphere. This I do regret now, because it was really an awesome performance!

From classics to Popmusic, the orchestras from Hanover, Bremen and the German border police offered everything!

picture legend picture legend
Probe The Plaza stage witnessed many big events, but this performance was probably the biggest, that we witnessed. Probe The rehearsal is passing by, the singers getting in tune.
Probe In the front the VIP's sitting on chairs! Probe This conductor really worked, his whole body moved!
Probe This ladies still casually dressed, a little later in uniforms. Probe The gentlemen already dressed up.
Zuschauer The spectators were impressed by the extraordinary performance!

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