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EXPO 2000 Planet of Visions - Pavilion

The Planet of Visions. It is located in the large hall near the great staircase, which leads to the Exponale. At the entrance there is room for a large queue, for about 15 minutes waiting time. If the queue grows longer, you'll need more than 20 minutes to reach the exihibition.
The Exhibition: It shows the excavation in the 21. century, to find the exhibits of our time. If you want to explore this exhibition, you need time and a good condition, the labels are written in small letters and partially mounted at the bottom of the wall.
If you need reading glasses for the newspaper or a book, you will need these glasses here too, or else you cannot read the labels. And use good shoes, the floor is rough (excavation area!) and the route is long.
Through the exhibition you will be guided by a woman (on screen) covering an era of 90 years. If she looks old, you are at the end of the century, if young, you are in the beginning years. And the timeline isn't linear, it jumps, but if you listen to the women, you get the correct period of years. So concentrate!

picture legend picture legend
Large PosterAt the start of the exhibition there is something to read, hold out, there are a lot of visitors! Unreachable paradiseThis picture is correctly mounted! On top you see the paradise (unreachable, under the roof), at bottom the water acts as an mirror (also unreachable!).
trees..There should be trees and so on, but it was too dark, too many visitors. Roboter, pictures and so onThe next room contains future aspects of living. Here is a robotor, but some other things you must not understand, but have a look.
pictureballThis picture ball is simply there. The pictures are to small to be seen. But it's there! excavation hallExcavation hall overview, the exhibits are located on some floors around the hall. You need good physical condition for exploring it.
ExponatAn example of an "excavated" exhibit and a label with a long text but very small letters. exhibitionAt the bottom floor you find this "Globe". Note the glass bottom in front of the globe.
picture out of picturesA detail of the pictures, they consist of other small pictures.

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