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EXPO 2000 Recreation area east

In the far East you will find many nice places, some of them are listed below with a picture or two.
picture legend picture legend
EastIn the front left you can see Switzerland, and in the lower edge you can see the screen of the open air cinema. Viewed from top of the Postbox. EastHere he is, the Dutch pavilion. To the left side the cable railway (center), lower edge France (roof).
East last corner! You are standing in front of the Whale of the YMCA having a look to the Eastend. Waterfall In the background you can see the Swiss pavilion.
Waterfall In the afternoon, nice weather assumed, all seats are occupied! nighttime During nighttime this place...
nighttime ...looks completely different! Garden Gardens are changing, an oasis!
Background: PR of China and Croatia.
Plaza at night This is the Plaza at nighttime! It's not rainy, it's just some fountain! Background: Preussag arena. Plaza at daytime And this is the Plaza at daytime! Can you see the fountains?
Postbox The Postbox (German Post Offices pavilion) in the evening! Postbox Because it looks so nice, once more!

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