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EXPO 2000 Spain - "human tower"

A whole Spanish village came to the EXPO 2000. On special occasions they perform a special artistic workout. They build a "human tower". And since I was deeply impressed by it I took lots of pictures to share this event with you!

By the way: This event was reported by our local paper, the HAZ the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, in its daily supplement "EXPO JOURNAL".

picture legend picture legend Bild Erläuterungen
human tower 00The ground structure is being build. human tower 01Beginning of the first step. human tower 02The second step.
human tower 03The second step climbing up. human tower 04The third step climbing on the first and second step. human tower 05The fourth step approaching.
human tower 06And... human tower 07...now... human tower 08...the...
human tower 09...tower... human tower 10...is... human tower 11...completed!
human tower 12Done! human tower 13Tearing down... human tower 14...the tower...
human tower 15...works... human tower 16...out... human tower 17...just fine.
human tower 18The musicians playing. human tower 19The tower is demounted, ovations from the audience. human tower 20I almost wanted to leave but then they began again...
human tower 21The fourth step climbing up. human towerm 22The fourth step almost completed. human tower 23The fifth step approaching.
human tower 24And here's what had to happen: the film was full. That's why I cannot show you the victory sign of the kid on top: He stretches out his arm to the top. Directly after that, the tower is being "torn down".

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