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EXPO 2000 Vatican - Pavilion

The pavilion of the Vatican is located close to the entrance west on the west ground (across the Indian pavilion). A round and bright building made of wood, that will be reused after the EXPO 2000 in the Latvian diocese Liepaja.
The Mandylion is the most interesting exhibit, but the rest of the exhibition is worth seeing as well.

Because I was asked about the Mandylion I had a good look around and found this piece of information: "Citing the site of the Vatican: In the center of the exhibition one will see the MANDYLION of the chapel REDEMPTORIS MATER. This priceless piece of cloth with a picture of Christ is shown to a large audience for the first time." The following link will take you to the official site of the Vatican. Then click EXHIBITION!


My supplement: It is supposed to be the oldest picture of Christ (2nd century). But even big encyclopedias don't offer that much information about the Mandylion. Just the internet was helpful!

picture legend picture legend
Turiner GrabtuchThe photo of a picture of the 'Turiner Grabtuch'. You're not allowed to take pictures of the original Mandylion. SculptureThis sculpture stands in front of the pavilion.
Totale The whole pavilion from the outside. goods You can buy souvenirs and ask for information.

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