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EXPO 2000 Waterworlds

West, near Congress Centrum

The worlds of water were sponsored by the Goethe-Institut and E.ON, a new energy-company, with Birgit Breuel as patroness, the General Commissioner of the EXPO 2000. It is mainly made up of gewgaws and gimmicks related to water. The visitors are invited to explore the water worlds.
Unfortunately, the weather was bad. With the sun everything looks so much nicer!

picture legend picture legend
Eingang The entrance to the water worlds. Scheiben The water dripping down these glasspanes, the pictures being splashed.
Becken This bassin would surely please Mr. Kneipp!
Different surfaces invite you to walk around in the water.
Springbrunnen Water arts to relax...
Skulptur Water in our eyes - the 21 century
winning idea of the contest 'water worlds' from Shanghai / China from 7 students of the university of Tongji.
The model of a sculpture, as a monument for the destruction of nature and a symbol of the hope for the future.
Ausgang The exit leads over these stones through...water!

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