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EXPO 2000 CVJM / YMCA Pavilion

At the south end of the east ground, close to the EXPO Park, you will find the "whale" of the CVJM / YMCA, possibly the landmark of the EXPO 2000. There is a visitor contest to name the EXPO landmark. So you can vote for whatever object you think should be elected as the landmark of the EXPO 2000.

Although this pavilion is located far in the south, you should visit it. A walk through the exhibition will give you an impression of the social problems that exist in other areas of this, our, world. This is true only, if you will not close your eyes, but try to see these problems.
Learn of the terrible living conditions, to which humans must submit, even if they exist mostly in the so called "third world". If you want to get a real impression, you have to spend more than one hour for this pavilion.

picture explanation picture explanation
the whaleHere he is, the whale. Homeland of the YMCA / CVJM and many other organizations, which are not indifferent against the fate of strangers. tree of wishesThis "tree of wishes" consists of pages containing the wishes and suggestions of the visitors.
worldvision Representativ for all present organizations, the World Vision Germany www.worldvision.de, which you can reach with this link. view from topThe area and the whale seen from the top of the postbox.

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