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EXPO 2000 ZERI - Bambushaus

Zero Emissions Research Initiative

Non-profit organization

ZERI.ORG is a non-profit organization, which presents at the EXPO 2000 a upper-class house made with bamboo. Bamboo grows within three years as much as our trees in 30 years. This house should demonstrate the possiblity to create living room space with small money. The ZERI web-site says, that this bamboo building will be the largest in the world.

During the official opening of the EXPO 2000, between other so called celebrities, Mr Hans-Dietrich Genscher (formerly German Foreign Minister) said analogusly: "The German planning and building permission for the ZERI bamboo house was given after only 13 month, it must be an express permission." Explanation: In Germany that process normally takes more time! I think it is important to establish this technology in countries, where bamboo is available at every front door (if there is a front door available at all).

But it's not only the house of bamboo, ZERI has activities at many other locations. Only one example: During the beer-brewing process cereals are used, which, at the end of this process, become waste. ZERI shows you bread, baked from this "waste". You can taste this bread on the booth next to the bamboo house.

You can reach ZERI with this link: www.zeri.org

There was a situation, that ZERI runs out of money and therefore could not continue its presence at the EXPO 2000. This was discussed in the newspaper (also in Canada, thanks David!). But this could be prevented, because the other pavilions are performing a "sponsors party / collection campaign" with the result of 170,000 DM, which allows ZERI to continue for more than 1 1/2 month. They are still need donation to continue the work at EXPO 2000.

Supplement August 20, 2000: Mr Dr. Gerd Weiberg, the EXPO-commissioner of the Lower Saxony Prime Minister wrote to me (partial quotation, translated by me): "Due to the broad support to ZERI after their cry for help, the problem of this pavilion is solved and the existence on the world exhibition EXPO 2000 is secured."
So I thanks a lot to everybody, who supports ZERI in this critical situation!

picture legend picture legend
total viewThe bamboo house in a total view. See the small people inside the house to get an impression of its size. vertical viewHere you get a real impression of the dimension of this house.
insideTake a look inside... VisitorThis house gives living room for a lot of people. But I could not find out, how expensive such a building would be.
DetailThe bamboo canes are opened inside and filled with concrete, the roof is made of concrete with bamboo. ZERI-ShopHave a look to the commercial goods, they were all manufactured with minimum waste.
The furniture was expanded. The pavilion now is more visited as in June - August!

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