Information on Corona / COVID-19.

My vaccination with AstraZeneca.

A kind of diary about this vaccination.
27 April 2021
Day 5 after vaccination.
All values are back to normal. If it stays like this, I will only report again when the second vaccination is carried out in July!
26 April 2021
Day 4 after vaccination.
The blood pressure was a little higher than normal this morning, but the pulse has returned to normal. The after-effects of the vaccination that I described have almost completely disappeared.
25 April 2021
Day 3 after vaccination.
Last night was largely normal, as the vaccinated arm is now only painful in the shoulder. The blood pressure has returned to the usual values, but the pulse is still higher than normal.
I have no headaches. The joints are also behaving normally, the left arm can be stretched upwards without any problems. If anything changes during the day, I will report it here!
Despite the nice weather, we didn't leave the flat today. The infection rate in Hannover is still far too high. And my protection through vaccination is still building up, so be careful!
24 April 2021
Day 2 after vaccination.
The night was a bit difficult. I couldn't lie on my left side, my vaccinated arm hurt from my shoulder to my elbow. On the right side, my right foot bothers me. And on my back I snore.
So it turned out to be a short, restless night, but this was only due to the vaccination to a small extent!
When I measured my blood pressure and pulse in the morning, it turned out to be almost back to normal. Only the pulse was still slightly elevated. My immune system seems to have come to terms with the situation!
The headache from yesterday has also disappeared, it all passed without tablets for pain.
However, the nosebleed, which occurs every now and then, was active for an unusually long time yesterday. Eventually it stopped on its own. Everything will be fine.
Today we are going out of the house to the market again, with warm jacket, distance, mask and umbrella. Mr Spahn's Corona Warn APP always with you!
23 April 2021
Today I start the day with a hot water bottle around my hip, which is good against the pulling in that area.
Unfortunately, an important personal appointment is cancelled today due to the vaccination against COVID-19 and the possible consequences of this vaccination.
In addition, this date marks the beginning of my 73rd year, and no, there will be no celebration with friends and family, according to the AHA rules we, my dear wife Bärbel and I, will hopefully spend this day quietly and undisturbed at home.
Since there have already been cases in the family who were absent for a few days after the vaccination, I am curious to see how it goes with me!
A headache was already noticeable in the early morning, but has almost disappeared since the first cup of coffee.
The left arm still works when I rest it on the armrest of the chair while writing this text, otherwise the arm is not much more disabled by the vaccination than after the earlier vaccinations against the real flu.
Since I take my blood pressure and pulse every day, the significantly higher pulse is already noticeable. Obviously, my inner defences are in the process of dealing with the invaders.
But that is the point of this exercise!
In the meantime, the first two people from our direct circle of friends have been infected with Corona, British variant, my friend succumbed to this infection after only 7 days!
22 April 2021
That day I received my first vaccination against Corona / COVID-19 with the vaccine from AstraZeneca.
Vaccination card
Vaccination record.
The first vaccination with AstraZeneca is recorded!
At last!
After 13 months (or was it already 14 months? ) of caution, avoiding contact, not being able to travel, hiding behind the mask, avoiding people in the street and absenting myself from family celebrations there is now some hope that this undignified state of affairs will soon come to an end!
Well, not directly. More in the sense that it will soon be the case that I no longer have to swerve into the lane when pedestrians come towards me on the pavement.
Also that it will now be more likely to see the children and grandchildren one day, even if the distance still has to remain!
Well, the hugging still doesn't work because the young people haven't been vaccinated yet. What a pity!
Now I'm sitting at home again at my PC, listening to myself, everything is still going well. The left arm was chosen for the vaccination, it hurts a bit at the injection site, but no problem yet!
After the wild discussion about AstraZeneca, I also had certain thoughts, but I have participated in the flu - protection - vaccination every year, which had only minor side effects, and now I hope that it will be similar with the vaccination against COVID-19!