Prevent high blood pressure, a widespread disease!

Enter your blood pressure values and view the results.

Please take care of your health!

High blood pressure doesn't hurt and destroys your organs without you noticing.
This is why regular monitoring of your blood pressure is so important.
But few people ever check your blood pressure. Unfortunately!
Controlling blood pressure is one thing.
The other question is how you can or want to document this.
I enter my blood pressure online, on my website.
And that's where I make the evaluations.
I make this application available to you free of charge,
so that you can save and evaluate your measured values.
You can use the application and the evaluations with the logon:
Nickname: demo and the password: demo
and then decide whether you want to save and evaluate your measured values here.

This link will take you to the login page: Log in

If you want to save and evaluate your own measured values,
create an account and nothing stands in the way of entering your data!
Welcome to my pages on the World-Wide-Web!

Contact me:

You can reach me at the e-mail address below and / or ask questions!
I speak German. I understand and write English, French and Spanish by translator!

Here I show you current evaluations of me:

This is the development of my blood pressure, measured on the left arm.
Both the systolic and diastolic pressure is too high.
Partially much too high and therefore requires treatment.


This is the development of my blood pressure, measured on the right arm.
The systolic and diastolic pressure is lower.
Nevertheless the doctor should be consulted.


My weight is also too high, I am working on it.
The connection between blood pressure and weight is recognizable.
I urgently need to lose weight!


The number of steps a step counter determines.
It should be 10,000 steps per day,
but I rarely reach them. Unfortunately!


These evaluations exert a slight pressure on me to move more to
and reduce my calorie intake, this pressure helps me to.

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