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North Sea Island Baltrum.

Germany, Southern North Sea, September 2004.

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Baltrum: Pictures of the sunrise.
Baltrum: Neßmersiel, the gateway to Baltrum.
Aerial photo Baltrum
Aerial photo: ©2004 Olaf Klün, Baltrum.
After we had acquired a taste for Baltrum on a day trip in 2003, our annual holiday took place on this East Frisian island in the southern North Sea.
You may remember, those were the two weeks when the remnants of the various Caribbean hurricanes were raging over Germany.
At least we used sunscreen on one day, and on another day we considered doing so.
The other days we came home in the evening and hung up our jackets and trousers to dry in the shower.
On this holiday the weather was as wet as it had been on all other North Sea holidays put together!
But you really can't blame Baltrum for that.
Baltrum, the Briar Rose of the North Sea, as the islanders and the spa administration call it, is the middle of the seven East Frisian islands and at the same time the smallest.
It is car-free, traffic is handled by horse and cart, bicycle or by foot.
There is a nice indoor swimming pool with spa department, two supermarkets, a combined cinema and theatre and some other shops. Restaurants and pubs are available in sufficient numbers.
About half of the island is equipped with paved hiking trails, the rest are well-maintained nature trails.
There are two viewing dunes from which you have a nice overview of the island, the North Sea and the tidal flats.
Although the island is only 5.5 KM long and about 1.5 KM wide, there is plenty of walking and running to be done.
The sandy beach is wide and long, at low tide you have to walk quite a while to get to the water!