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Reinhard F. Luszcz

What I always wanted to tell the world!

Introduction: What are these pages on the net for?

A table of contents of my contributions to this world!
Good day!
Nice of you to take the time to read this page.
Thank you very much for that!
Because you are one of the few people who read what I have to write.
Who am I?
If you click further down this page on:
Legal notice: About us!
you will get a picture of my wife and me in addition to the legally required information.
What's the point?
The pages under the title What I always wanted to say to the world! reflect my thoughts and views on the world as I experienced and still experience it.
These are my very personal views and opinions, which I publish in this way.
Social media.
I am curious to see if and when the so-called shitstorm breaks out, as is said to happen in the social media from time to time.
It is said that there are times when people express a view or opinion that is not well received by other contemporaries.
And then the displeasure of some contemporaries bursts upon the author of this view or opinion!
Since I didn't really want to expose myself to that, I decided to try it this way.
And I hope that my opinions expressed here will also be understood as such.
Other topics.
Information about the further development of my pages is described here. When a new application is ready, it will be presented here.
Reports about technical devices. I only present you with reports on devices that I use myself.
Let's see what can be reported!
Get started!
So if you feel like and have time to follow my views and thoughts, do so.
All you need is some time and the internet.
I hope you enjoy reading!
With kind regards
Reinhard F. Luszcz
Languages and translation.
I write all texts in German. My knowledge of English and Spanish is sufficient for simple communication. French is only possible with a translator!
All translations from German into the other languages mentioned were done with, this AI provides the best translations for me.
Praise, criticism, contact.
If you don't like anything, if I have used a wrong tone, if I have made factual errors or if you have any other problems, please write to me by e-mail.
There is a solution for (almost) every problem. I respond to almost every request.